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We cultivate the space for public intelligence concerning socially, culturally, and educationally vital ideas that can be advanced by research, education, best practices, and conversation at the interdisciplinary seams of higher education.

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Our Impact

Viewing the challenges facing higher education today through a multidisciplinary lens, the Center for Innovation in Higher Education engages faculty, students, and practitioners in examining campus, state, regional, national, and international concerns. The Center is involved in a myriad of activities which include contracted or externally funded research projects, independent research projects, consultation, technical assistance, and other service activities.



Million Dollars in grant submissions

The work of the Center is accomplished through research and innovation evidenced through the interdisciplinary collaborations of our fellows.



fellows serving communities

Our Fellows understand the work of the Center is to inform and improve the schools, institutions and communities within which we live, work and play.



Thousand children Impacted

As we address the teacher shortage crisis in South Carolina and across America, we strive to ensure classrooms are filled with a sustainable teacher workforce.


Our Programs

CIHE frequently designs and delivers professional development seminars and training modules for higher education administrators, leaders, policymakers, and academics. Seminars and modules may run for one day, several days, or for several weeks, and can be delivered at the University of South Carolina or elsewhere in the world. Curricula and training methodologies are developed jointly with client organizations and institutions, and typically aim to provide participants with global perspectives on key issues in leadership, management and strategic planning in higher education.


Mindfulness leadership practice

The complexity and relentless pace of today's educational environments places endless demands on their leaders. The leadership and practice of mindfulness can restore and rejuvenate one's approach to leading educational institutions. 

summer institutes for underrepresented faculty

Thriving in the academy is no small feat. Through mentoring and interdisciplinary scholarship, the institute seeks to increase the productivity and retention of underrepresented junior faculty across the academy. 

community college teaching and management

Explore community college management practices that promote institutional effectiveness and student success in all sectors of community college operations. Advocate and lead change in a highly volatile sector of higher education. 

culturally relevant leadership

Today’s demographic, economic, and political changes have placed a growing emphasis on multiculturalism in education, and these changes have necessitated different leadership approaches toward working and engaging with people of diverse backgrounds.


October 2017

Teacher shortages are a nationwide concern. The Center for Innovation in Higher Education brought together economic and education leaders to address talent management in the education workforce.

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Innovation needs collaboration. The Center for Innovation in Higher Education at the University of South Carolina's College of Education believes that a connected community comprised of a diverse group of faculty, students, researchers, industry leaders, and outside collaborators, supported by data and technology, will revolutionize higher education. Below are the different ways you can engage with us to start innovating.



The Center host symposiums and other public lectures throughout the year related to our research focus areas.

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