Organizational Structure

The Center for Innovation in Higher Education is supported by three staff members and thirteen faculty fellows with varying expertise. The Center for Innovation in Higher Education (CIHE) will serve as the hub of transformative ideas, research and services that reshapes education to be socially responsible and equitable for all. We do so by cultivating intelligent public discourse concerning social/cultural ideas and practices that advance democracy and education, with particular attention to the implications for post-secondary research and innovation.


Advisory Board

External advisory board consisting of stakeholders from business, education, policy makers and community leaders.


Core Faculty Fellows

Assistant Faculty Fellows

Mark Gooden

Kevin Henry

Fred Bonner

Norm Friesen

Todd Price

Daniel Castener


Leadership Group

Executive Director (Rose Ylimaki) – The executive officer responsible for the intellectual and administrative leadership of the research center/institute including strategic vision and management. Recommends individual and joint appointments to the research center/institute, in consultation with the management of relevant units.

Associate Directors (Simone Gause, Spencer Platt) – Responsible for management and operations of the research center/institute, including budget, strategic planning implementation, programs, personnel, and facilities; manages the resources of the research center/institute. Responsible for reports required by external agencies or sponsors.