CIHE Research and Workgroups


Our conceptual framework centers on using university-community partnerships, public intellectuals and community discourse to bring democracy and education closer together for freedom and equality.

Preparing educators and scholars to build leadership capacity through human, social, and cultural capital.

School Development

Educator Recruitment and Retention

Improvement Science in Education

Education Strategic Talent Management

black males in education


A collaboration with black male teachers and black male students in South Carolina.

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Contemporary Analysis of Education, Equity and Democracy


Renewing and recovering the momentum of historical educational movements that focus on marginalized communities of color, eradicating racist educational systems to achieve equity, culture and social justice, and lastly, culture and social capital.

Education in the Black American South

Reconstruction Education

The Future of Education: Renewing Unfinished Experiments for Freedom and Equality

Higher Education and K-12 Finance in Changing Economic Times

Exploring Education Policy Changes and Accountability in Neo-Liberal Climates

Internationalization and Globalization of K-12 through Higher Education

Educational Outcomes for Marginalized Students/Communities of Color

The Role of HBCU’s in Higher Education Reformation

Community Colleges and their Role in Society

Universities as Agents of Change

How to Address the Changing Demographics in Education

Campus Climate in the 21st Century



Teaching reconstruction in the SC curriculum


The epic story of Reconstruction in Beaufort County, SC and Nationwide.

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carolina classrooms


Carolina Classrooms is ETV's monthly educational series for teachers, parents and all citizens invested in the education of our children. Each program focuses on key educational topics and initiatives in our state. 

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Historical Analysis of Education, Equity and Democracy


Going back to the roots of democracy and education in order to move contemporary education forward.

Preservation and Memories of Educational Leaders

Democracy and Education in the South

International Education Theorizing, Research and Practice

Civil Rights Leaders and Oral Histories

Reconstruction and Cultural Preservation

Dialogues of War

The Role of HBCU’s in Higher Education Reformation